05 January 2013

Note to self....

... do not return home on Thursday evening and think you will have time to create a decent service between Friday and Sunday!  I have just wrestled into submission a sermon of sorts after several attempts... annoying I had some good ideas but they wouldn't flow when I tried to express them.

A way back when, I would have prepared this sermon before I went away, so that all I had to do was read it over, tweak and deliver.  Experience told me that didn't work very well, so I usually try not to preach the Sunday at the end of a week off... Christmas landing as it did, and wanting to see lots of family and friends, I forgot my own wisdom and came back to a blank 'sheet' of computer 'paper'.

Daftly I thought Epiphany would be one where I could get away with it... nope.  I then discovered that I seem not to have my best ever Epiphany service (title: To Epiphany and Beyond' preached 2003 (I know this cos I know where I preached it)) so I couldn't even pinch the prayers!

Thankfully I do trust that God's Sophia is active even in my very flawed endeavours, so we'll get there!

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