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All Quiet on the Blogging Front

Been a very busy week, not worked a day under ten hours from Tuesday to Friday and most substantially more.

Been a productive week, with a lot of enjoyable worship preparation for a couple of evening services I'll be leading iun a few weeks.

Been a week of several important meetings, which seemed to be productive from where I sat.

Been a week of eating with friends, new and established, catching up, swapping news.

Been a week in which sad/bad news reached me from a friend 'down south' who now keeps vigil at a hospital bedside when she should be at a big birthday party.

Been a week in which blogging has just not been on my radar... stuff I wanted to reflect on wasn't appropriate for public consumption, stuff that was appropriate was either banal or dull.

Been a week in which I have found some new reserves of energy, or new sources to energise, or something like that, so that, as it draws to a close I am healthily tired and overall fairly happy with what's been achieved.

So apologies if you've checked by and wondered where I was - just been busy living and loving and laughing and struggling and hurting and rejoicing and labouring and... well, you know, ministering.


  • Sometimes life just takes over and so it should. Glad it was a good week.

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