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40 Acts - Day 7

I know that this is posted a day late... I was away on Baptist Union business yesterday with little or no access to internet most of the time, so apologies to anyone who felt cheated not getting the challenges from me!!  The theme was basically about holding our possessions more lightly - being less concerned with acquiring and clinging to "stuff":



Pray about the stuff you’ve got and think about why it’s important to you. Ask God to show you anything in your life that you’re clinging onto too tightly, and to help you use it for others.


Give away one of your favourite things. It could be anything: a scarf, book, DVD, your favourite penguin bobble hat... Give it to someone you know will really appreciate it or need it.



Make an inventory in your journal of all the stuff/things you have in your life. Can you live with less? Would you maybe even find freedom in it? Filling up some bags for your local charity shop is a great way to start living more lightly.


The  middle one is for me the biggest challenge - what one item that I really value could I give to someone else who would really value it?  The thing is, mostly the possessions I value have no instrinsic worth and would mean nothing to anyone else.  But, it is challenging me to have a think at what I could usefully give away that just sits on shevles or in cupbaords and never gets used...  or what I could maybe sell and give the money to a good cause...  oh, and in case you're wondering the kitties are going nowhere!!

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