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40 Acts - Day 8

This one made me chuckle... having arrived home at midnight last night, I gave myself permission not to get into to church before 9 a.m. today, i.e. a late start... and the theme was: lateness!



That's okay. This is a principle for living, not a one-time challenge. Make a point of being punctual the next time you're heading out by going through your calendar for a few minutes. Set alarms on your phone if you have to, to make sure you’re on time!


The bare minimum is to arrive when you say you will. Could you be there a few minutes earlier, though?


If you're super-organised, arrive early, and bring the person/people you're meeting a treat or their favourite coffee. Doesn't have to be fancy, but it might just make their day.


OK, so one of the thing that REALLY stresses me out is the fear of being late.  I am that person who knows that the meeting starts at, say 9 a.m. and it will take me ten mintues to get there, but I might get delayed, so I'd better add on five minutes, and then because I am due to leave the house at 8:45 I put on my coat ay 8:35 (after all it takes all of thirty seconds) and am out of the door by 8:36, arrive at 8:43 because I've hurtled along the road and then... and then wait for the person who will always arrive "fashionably late".

I've learned over the years that people fall into one of two groups, and it seems just to be the way they are made... some are always early, some are always late.  Why late people don't ever seem stressed as they arrive after things have begun puzzles me, because the rare times I'm late I am always mortified... but then there will be things they find stressful of which I am oblivious.

I have one meeting today, scheduled to take place in in a coffee house... with someone who will be on time... so stress free all round!!


  • Snap! Better an hour early than 10 mins late!

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