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40 Acts - Day 9

Diversity... cultural, ethnic, religious, other... that's the name of the game for today.  Whilst the emphasis seems to be on ethnic/religious, I'm sure it could be interpretted far more widely, anyway, see what you make of it:



What’s the mix where you live? Think about the ethnicity you mix with most, outside of your own. You might have a large Bangladeshi community in your neighbourhood, or a big Spanish group in your church. Could you use the internet to learn a few quick greeting words in that language today? Start with ‘hello’ and ‘thank you’ – sure winners in any conversation!


Seek out someone – a neighbour, a parent at the school gates, your local shop-keeper – whose ethnicity/culture/religion is different from yours. Make a point of building bridges with them today.


Plan a cultural celebration in your community. Team up with other 40acts challengers, your church or local community group, and host a party. Get everyone to cook a national dish, and share food and friendship together.


At church we have a 'welcome' sign in around 10-15 languages (it's been there so long I've stopped noticing it) an indication of the diversity of the area in which we live.

My day involves a meeting in a part of Glasgow that is less familiar to me, so I will be keeping my eyes and ears open to discover something of the diversity of that area.  I almost certainly have to take one cat to the vet which will bring me into contact with another diverse set of folk.  I have a hunch this challenge may sound more tricky than it is... every one of us who ventures outside our own front door today will encounter someone  different from ourselves.


Anyway, in the spirit of the challenge, and as we have a number of Yoruba speakers at church I have googled a few words:


Hello - peleo

Thank you  - e dupe

Goodbye - o dabo


I will try to remember these and try them out on Sunday!!


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