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St Martha - Revisited

I settled down to listen to today's PAYG, discovering it was the Feast of St Martha.  A quick 'google' reminded me of a poem that I had been introduced to many moons ago called 'The Sons of Martha'.  This in turn led to me 'googling' my own blog as I recalled some of the many psots I have made about Martha with or without her sister and brother. 

I enjoyed rediscovering them, so here are the links...

From 2007, a sermon 'Three Portraits' and the poem 'The Sons of Martha'

From 2008, a reflection on my own Martha tendencies 'Sophia and Martha'

From 2010, a slightly flip observation about Mary and Jesus' feet, and a transcript of some reflections for Advent

From 2011, a reflection for the Feast of St Martha


My memory is rapidly descending to the annoying levels of Theresa of Avila, but at least by the wonder of the interweb and I can quickly retrace my own thoughts!  I have always had a fondness for Martha and felt she had an undeserved 'bad press', so it isn't such a surprise that I've written a lot about her.

Whether you are busy busy, or relaxed and reflective, I wish you the blessings of this day!

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