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  • Work in Progress...

    On Sunday, some folk made a start on our shared summer craft project - a banner based on some clip art we use quite a lot that expresses somehtign of how we see oursleves as 'church'.

    The great thing is that different people can contribute in different ways... some have donated fabric, some can draw templates, some can choose fabrics, some can cut out, some can iron on interfacing, some can pin the peices in place, some will (eventually) sew it together (we could glue it, but sewing is more permanent). No-one has every skill or resource we need, but lots of people have some of them.  Together, we can make a banner because, together, we are the church.

    I reckon it's looking great so far, and whilst, yes, I have done the ironing on of interfacing, and a fair bit of pinning, the bulk of the creativity lies with others.

    I'll try to remember to post updates as we progress during the summer, and, in due course, the finished article!

  • Summer Series 2018 - Questions to Ponder - Week 1 - The Body of Christ

    I also offered a second set of options for pondering about the church as 'the Body of Christ', again , feel free to use or ignore, as seems best to you! (Blogspirit uses a slightly odd numbering system!)

    One Team - The Body of Christ


    Questions to Ponder Privately or to Discuss


    There is no correct order, nor any expectation about how many, if any, questions are explored.  Simply see if there is something that prompts thought or discussion and off you go!


    1. You are the Body the Christ –
      1. What does the Body of Christ look like?
      2. What gifts and skills are needed?
      3. What gifts and skills are lacking or need to be developed?
      4. How do we identify potential and encourage learning/development?


    1. You are equally important
      1. We talk about the ‘Priesthood of All Believers’ and that everyone is of equal worth, but is that how it feels?
      2. How do I value myself, and is this judgement accurate?
      3. How do I value others, and how accurate is that judgement?
      4. How do we learn to value each other equally whilst recognising and affirming difference?
      5. How do we value each other enough to ‘call out’ what is unhelpful or demeaning?


    1. What’s the point?
      1. Why does the church exist?!
      2. What does it mean to ‘build one another up for the common good’?
      3. If we agree that we are the Body of Christ, that everyone is equally valued and that our ethos is of inclusion and flourishing, what does that look like in real life?


    1. What one encouragement is there
      1. For me, about my own intrinsic worth and unique gifting?
      2. That I should speak aloud to someone else in our church?
      3. That, together, we are moving in the ‘right’ direction if this is what we seek to do and to be?
  • Summer Series 2018 - Questions to Ponder - Week 1 - Spiritual Gifts

    I know that there are some readers of this stuff who value any resources that I share, so, over this sumer, I'll post the 'to ponder' material from each Sunday, in case anyone finds it useful or helpful.

    Last Sunday as we began our series on 'Teams' we looked first at the gifts God hs given us, and the gifts/roles we need in our church.  Here (hopefully) is what I offered as a first set of questions 'to ponder'...

    Spiritual Gifts


    Look at this list of gifts which are identified in the Bible, and think about, or discuss, any of the questions that follow…





























    • Which of these gifts do I think I have?
    • Which gifts do I have that are not on this list?
    • Which gifts on this list puzzle or worry me?


    • How does this list compare with what is needed in our church?
    • How am I using my gifts in our Church?
    • How does this list compare with what is needed in the wider world?
    • How am I using my gifts in my everyday life?


    • Are there gifts or skills I would like to cultivate, and what will I do about that?
    • Are there gifts I feel are somehow ‘better’ or ‘lesser’ than others? Why?


    • Do I feel ‘inferior’ or ‘superior’ to others and why is this?
    • How can I learn to value myself, and others, as we are valued by God?
    • To whom should I speak a word of encouragement today?