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  • Milestones...

    Nine years ago I moved to Glasgow (actual date of arrival was 29/9/09). I have now, to within a few weeks, lived as long in Glasgow as I lived in Duston (Northampton) which was 9 years and 2 months... soon Glasgow will be the place I've lived second longest in my entire life (Warrington at 11 years still the longest as yet...)

    It's good to recall the nervous excitement I felt nine years ago, especially as today is our AGM. I feel very nervous today, not entirely sure why, so it's good to remind myself of the strength and certainty of the call that drew me to this wonderful, challenging, diverse, hopeful and hospitable group of people.

  • Back soon...

    OK, faithful reader(s), I really am now about to head off on my holidays.  No blogging for the next couple of weeks.

    Take care of yourselves, and I'll be back soon.

  • Friday Fun....

    Yesterday, I realised my EHIC had expired and, too late for it to arrive in time, ordered a new one.  At least it'll be waiting for me when I get home. And I have a contact number in case of need...

    Today I went out at lunch time, reached into my bag to pull out my phone to send a text... and realised I had put in the TV remote control instead.  Oh dear.

    Then in a cafe, I ordered a pot of tea - which arrived without any water at all (at least that one wasn't down to me)

    It all made me laugh, which is a good thing, and demonstrates, were any demonstration needed, that I need a holiday!

  • Theory and Reality

    Saw this on social media and decided to steal it. 

    I think that the official diagram has value in identifying facets of grief that may 9or may not) be experienced.  I think the alternative diagram is more what it actually feels like.

    Last night, I realised that my EHIC had expired and I am due to fly to Europe in Monday.  I frantically ordered a new one, but it cannot reach me i time, as it takes 10 days.  Thankfully there are guidelines on what to do in this eventuality, and I'm not intending to get hurt or sick anyway.  I was quite furious with myself for being so disorganised, ordinarily I would have been well and trully on top of all of this.  So it was reasuring to see 'disorganisation' as one of the characteristics of grief.

    I'm not entirely sure I find the U-shape helpful, with its suggestion that there is a pit into which one descends before climbing up to a new normal.  Still, a least it's given me permission to be a bit scatterbrained!!

  • Taking a break...

    Just a quick post to let any faithful, and potentially concerned, readers know that I will be on annual leave from Saturday for two weeks, so taking a break from blogging, and most other online activities too.

    If any burglars or other nefarious characters happen to be reading this, be aware that on leave does not mean the place is empty, and even if/when it is, the Clepto Kitties will be on guard, and have a whole network of twitter cat friends to call on should the need arise! The #CatsofTwitter and #Ambassacats are a force (for good) to be reckoned with!!