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Annual Nag - World Cancer Day

It's eight years since the 'morning after' my cancer surgery.  Eight years of life I might not have otherwise known. Eight years of mostly good health (drug side effects, some major, notwishtanding).  Eight years during which I have travelled to New Zealand, Hungary, Malta, Czechia, Finland, Madeirra, Tennerife, France and Italy.  Eight years during which I have conducted baptisms and weddings, baby blessings and funerals. Eight years that have been more full of joy than sorrow.  Eight years when I have at times struggled to deal with the long term emotional/mental/psychological impact of what life, more widely, has sent my way.  Eight years I am glad to have been given.

So, annual nag coming up - do the screening (even if targets aren't being met anywhere in the UK, the BBC never looks further than England), do the awareness/self checking and report lumsp, bumps, rashes, itches, bleeds, bloats, coughs, headaches or bloating that have no reasonable explanation or have gone on more than a couple of weeks.

Cancer treatment isn't fun, but it's better than the alternative - and avoids the guilt that can arise from if only...'

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