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Challenge Accomplished

This morning I was up and out for 06:30 determined to get one final, long walk in for October. I almost beat the rain, though the last couple of miles were very wet.

According to the wonders of FitBit, with a bit of help from Microsoft Excel, during October (and with the rest of today still to elapse) I have walked 626, 410 steps... that's a little over one for everyone who resides in Glasgow!  That equates to approximately 284 miles - or the equivalent of walking all the way to Derby going south, or Thurso going north!!

It has been a genuine challenge, not so much the distance, but the getting up early almost every day and fitting in a couple of hours walking around other commitments.

It has been fun though, I have loved listening to the birds, watching squirrels, once seeing a fox, and of course the sunrises (and occasional sunset) have been incredible.  I have been blown away by people's generosity, raising over a thousand pounds for the charity, at a time when many people are struggling.  I feel fitter than I have done for a long time, and I'm sure the endorphins are a good thing.  I am sleeping more hours a night than I have for years (still not the recommended level, but more!).  And of course the bonus of eating cakes with impunity - I've eaten a LOT of cake!

And God in this?  Oh yes.  In the stillness before the world gets up, it's just 'me and God' and I love it. In the beauty of nature.  In the generosity of others.  In the smiles of strangers.  In the fleeting and in the continuing.

It's been a blast.  And I am so pleased to have been able to do it.

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