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  • Recipe 2: Entering Eternity Ethically

    ... sounds so much nicer than 'death by chocolate' and has an element of hope somehow...


    Catriona's Mainly Fairtrade Triple Chocolate Mousse

    White layer:

    2 x 100g bar of good quality white chocolate (I am not aware of a fairtrade supplier, so please advise if you know of one...)

    1/4 pint of double cream (not the extra thick stuff)

    Half a tablespoon of agar flakes made up with ~ half a cup of water (or half a sachet of gelatine made up as per instructions)

    Milk Layer:

    2 x 100g bar of Fairtrade Divine milk chocolate orange

    1/4 pint double cream (as above, even though you have to whip it)

    Half a tablespoon of agar flakes made up with ~ half a cup of water (or half a sachet of gelatine made up as per instructions)

    Dark Layer:

    2 x 100g bar of Fairtrade Maya Gold dark chocolate

    1/4 pint double cream (yet again)

    2 egg whites

    Half a tablespoon of agar flakes made up with ~ half a cup of water (or half a sachet of gelatine made up as per instructions)


    A two pound loaf tin, lightly oiled and with the base lined using greaseproof paper.


    How to make it...

    First the white layer...

    Melt the white chocolate in a bowl over gentle simmering water.  Stir a lot as white chocolate can burn quite easily.

    Add the agar mix to the cream and stir into the chocolate mixing thoroughly.

    Pour into the loaf time and place in the fridge to set.

    Make a nice of cup of Fairtrade tea or coffee and enjoy while reading the paper for a minimum of one hour.

    Now the milk layer...

    Melt the Divine chocolate ina bowl over simmering water.

    Whip up the cream until it is 'holds its shape' (whatever shape that may be)

    Add the agar mix to the cream and mix well - when you see the result you may wonder why you had to whip it first, but it does work, honest!

    Fold this mixture into the chocolate, ensuring it is well mixed

    Pour into the loaf tin (which should be about 2/3 full) and place in the fridge to set.

    Make another delicious Fairtrade drink, phone a friend, take a bath or simply chill out for at least another hour

    Lastly the dark layer...

    Melt the Maya Gold chocolate (OK, you know how by now!) and allow to cool slightly

    Whip the egg white until the are stiff, then fold into the chocolate.

    Whip up the cream until it 'holds it shape' and mix in the agar mix as before.

    Fold the cream mixture into the chocolate mixture and give a good stir

    Pour the mixture into the loaf tin - it will just about fit and the surface tension and convex meniscus (woo!) help here.  Place in the fridge to set.

    Now, you have an hour to get your glad rags on if you want to eat it today or you can simply enjoy a restful night of sleep knowing all is ready for tomorrow.

    Carefully turn out onto a serving dish (you may need to warm the tin a little to help ease it out and/or use a hot palette knife) and enjoy.


    This is seriously rich and at around 550kCal per slice (based on ten sharing) could guarantee you early access to eternity, though you'd go with a smile on your face.  It is very expensive to make (which  is why I make it about once in five years) but also very, very delicious.  I reckon it is worth every penny, and given the ingredients can be enjoyed with a conscience as clean as that of a clergy-woman!!

    PS Since the cream comes in 1 pint containers you can always pour the leftovers over the mousse... quelle hardship!


  • Recipe 1: TTV&V Fruit Terrine


    This one is really simple and quick to do - and quick to post which is as well as today has suddenly turned busy!  The other two will follow later

    You need:

    1 bottle of sparkling grape juice drink

    1 packet of frozen forest fruits (thawed)

    3 tablespoons of agar flakes*

    2 dessert spoons of sugar

    A 2lb loaf tin


    Put half a pint of grape juice in a saucepan, sprinkle on the agar flakes and heat according to instructions on the packet.  Add another half pint of grape juice and the sugar - it will foam up but that's fine.

    Pour in enough liquid to cover the base of the tin to about 7mm/quarter inch and chill in freezer for 15 mins

    Add the fruit to the tin

    Slowly pour over the rest of the liquid, tapping the tin which apparently removes air bubbles

    Leave in the fridge to set

    Easy peasy!  Teetotal, vegetarian and vegan. It works about 50 kCal a serving, contains half a portion of your 5 a day and is excellent for 'men of a certain age' or as a precaution for younger men because it is 'all things red'  Just how good is that?!

    If you want to use alcohol (which will impact to a degree on setting) or gelatine then feel free.

    ENJOY!  Oh, and you can drink the left over grape juice too!!


    * Having made this dish and discovered how soft the set was when I turned it out, it may be better to use a little extra agar.

  • Advent 2: Food and Friendship.

    Almost at Advent 2 already - this year is hurtling to its conclusion and I, for one, feel as if I'm running to keep up.

    Our second Advent lunch yesterday seemed to go well, again around 18 folk came and shared in the short reflection followed by a soup lunch.  Some were people who came last week, others were not, so overall it is probably nearer two dozen who have been involved so far.  The theme yesterday, of hospitality, was a good one and of course fits quite well with fellowship over soup and cheese.

    Tomorrow is a 'progressive supper' (or 'super' as I typed first!) for which I am involved with desserts (or 'deserts' as I am wont to call them).  Having sifted few various boxes and uncovered my two favourite cook books, I am all set for a fun evening of preparing my offerings...

    A raspberry cheesecake

    A vegan forest fruit terrine (an experiment - I hope it works!!)

    My signature triple chocolate mousse, which is an adaptation of recipe from Prima magazine about 15 years ago.  Dear oh my, I am turning into my mother/grandmother as I carefully smooth the yellowing paper to remind myself what is involved.

    divine orange.jpg

    maya gold.jpg

    Again a bit of an experiment as this time I move from merely using Fairtrade chocolate to using Maya Gold and Divine orange milk chocolate to add a hint of seasonal flavours.


    I am looking forward to an enjoyable evening of food and friendship, which will also help to raise funds towards the redevelopment of our Gathering Place, in turn enabling us to extend the hospitality of God to even more people in the years ahead.

    PS for foodie followers, if the recipes turn out well, I may even post them for you!

  • Pause for Thought...

    Posting here today... then trying to practice what I preach!

  • Busy Week Ahead

    Apologies, not much posting happening this week as it is busy in all sorts of ways...

    This morning we are doing some more manse hunting - people are begin very generous with their time and energy to spot and view possibilties.  Thanks B, B, A, S, A & W especially (and if I missed your initial, sorry).

    This afternoon I do my impression of a swift and fly south to conduct the funeral of the person who died when I was on leave.  Co-ordinating BMI Babyand L'borough crem. is an interesting challenge, hence I fly down today and back tomorrow.

    On Thursday I am posting at Hopeful Imagination and have the second Advent lunch here.

    Friday... playing catch-up I suspect before Saturday brings the fun of a progressive meal for which I have agreed to make a couple of desserts.

    So, lots of variety and lots that is a privilege to be part of.  Just a smidge quieter in blogland.