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  • 40 Acts - Day 18

    The song says, "sorry seems to be the hardest word"... today's challenge is to say that one word to one person who needs to hear it.  I'm not too sure what to make of this challenge - I was brought up to apologise, and swiftly, so I honestly can't think of someone to whom I need to apologise.  Indeed, I have a feeling I err the other way - apologising for things that are/were justified/jusitfiable... maybe I'm odd or deluded?!

    Anyway, here it is:


    OneRepublic were wrong. It's not too late to apologise. Saying sorry is generous because it offers the first step to healing and restoration in our relationships. There's also an enormous amount of freedom in an apology: both for the person who says 'sorry' and the one who hears it.


    Apologising isn't easy, so there are no easier options today. Bite the bullet and say what needs to be said. Choose the most appropriate time and method, and respect the fact that the person may not be able to forgive you straight away. The important thing is to take the first steps to put it right.

  • 40 Acts - Day 17

    This one reminds me of a very generous thing my Mum did for in the days when I was living by faith as a ministeiral student... Whenever she went shopping and there was a B.O.G.O.F. offer she thought I would like, she would get it for me.  Those tins of beans, packets of cereal or whatever it was made a huge difference to me at a time when money was tight.



    We love this one!

    Most people enjoy getting a bargain, but today your challenge is to pass the joy forward. If you spot a BOGOF deal in your local supermarket, snap it up and send it on. Buy one, give one free. Every little helps!



    We've probably all got things at home we can share. A spare nearly-new toolkit, two copies of the same book ... you get the idea. What could you share with someone else today? Snap a photo and post it on social media, letting your friends know they can have it for free.



    Jaffa Cakes. They’re our personal favourite. Just in case anyone wants to send some our way. Stock up on the deal of the day and share the love with your office, toddler group or wherever you happen to be today.



    Head to your local trusted café or corner shop. Put some cash behind the counter and ask them to give everyone’s order for free until the money runs out.

  • 40 Acts - Day 16

    I love and need this one!  And today it is pretty much possible once I meet some friends later this morning.  I have a primitive phone and miss more calls than I take, so not entirely a technology addict.  However, I am still working at not checking emails on my 'day off'... it has become some much part of my routine, so it's good to be reminded of the value ot swtiching off all the technology...


    For all its benefits (and there are a few) technology also has its pitfalls. Our phones can be addictive, and sometimes counter-productive to real face-to-face relationship. Do you need to check Facebook again? Will that view only exist if you Instagram it? You know what we're about to ask, don't you? Time to disconnect and reconnect.


    BUT, BUT, BUT…

    If it's impossible to do this today, make a point of scheduling one Sunday in the next three weeks as a 'downtime' day. Let people know you'll be offline in advance, if you need to. Make plans for face-to-face time, not FaceTime.



    Can't switch off for a whole day? OK, try three hours. No Facebook, no WhatsApp, no phone calls (unless you're arranging to meet up in person). Be present, fully, for someone else.



    Starting now, switch it off. Enjoy a whole day unplugged and fully focused on the people you're blessed to be with this weekend. Let us know how you got on tomorrow.

  • 40 Acts - Day 15

    Slipping gently into to the third week already, we have an explicitly Christian challenge today with a focus on reading and sharing favourite Bible texts to encourage others:

    GO EASY:

    If you can't think of a particular person to encourage, then share your favourite verse or encouragement on a social network.


    Spend ten minutes praying or thinking about someone you know who is experiencing a tough time. Send them a text or a card with an appropriate verse inside it, and let them know you care.

    GET CREATIVE: Set aside some time to read the Bible with someone. It can be great to unpack the more difficult ideas and verses alongside another person.


    All of which has given me an idea for a talk I have to do this afternoon :-)

  • 40 Acts - Day 14

    The theme today is intergenerational relationships... I guess it depends which generation we are which challenge might or might not be feasible!!

    5 MINUTES:

    Call your grandma, or your grandson, or your teenage cousin. Make a point of reconnecting with someone of a different generation today.

    15 MINUTES:

    Pay someone a visit today. It might be a family member, someone from your church or a former colleague. If you can't spare the time because of work, what about spending your lunch break with someone new?


    Find out how to become a mentor to a young person or make a commitment to regularly visit a residential care home near you.


    For me the challenge is not so much the intergenerational bit as the quality of the contact... at one level I will do all of these today, at another maybe not... in all the busy, busy, busy 'doing' maybe it's the 'being' I need to think about?