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  • Writing not Typing

    Nowadays it is comparatively rare for me to hand write anything of any substance.  I jot down notes for sermons, or key points for letters or emails, but that's about it.

    Today I actually wrote out longhand a first draft of my reflection for Sunday, which meant the first typed draft was already partly refined.

    And it was good.  Maybe I should do it more often! 

    Maybe now the commentaries and worship books are nearer the desk and further from the computer, I will.

    Anyway, in another rare event, for the second successive week by the end of Tuesday I have a full first draft for Sunday.  In theory this should lead to lots more honing; in practice time will tell!!

  • Weathering the Weather...

    The annual theological reflection group BBQ - with the weather doing what it does best on the west side of these islands... blowing a hoolie/gale and bucketing/stoating/hammering rain.  So we put on our waterproofs, hats and gloves and had a JOLLY GOOD TIME in best British stiff upper lip/West of Scotland fatalism fashion.

    The food was plentiful and delicious
    The company was happy and vivacious

    And by the time we were heading homewards, the sun broke through.

    A really fun evening.  Huge thanks to B & K for their hospitality and to O & C who acted as waiting staff

    We certainly weathered the weather, whatever the whether, whether we liked it or not!!


    Photos copyright KF


  • Charles Kennedy RIP

    As a rule, I don't do party politics... the annoying floating voter who cannot, ultimately, align with any one group.  But Iwas deeply saddened to wake to to the news that Charles Kennedy had died at the young age of 55 - just three years older than me, way too young.

    A man of deep convictions and strong principles, who opposed the war in Iraq, who opposed the coalition with the Conservatives, who faced his own demons often in the glare of media speculation.  His speech on losing his seat at the last election was characterised by humour and concern for those who employment was contingent the re-election of candidates... the "night of the lang sgian-dubh" as he dubbed it.

    I hope and pray that he is now at peace, released from all that troubled and taunted him.

    I hope that all that was good in his life and political work will be honoured and continued by those who follow in his footsteps, within the Lib Dems, and in other parties.

    I hope, too, that those who knew and loved him will find comfort in these early days of loss and grief.

    Eternal rest grant unto him, oh Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him.  May he rest in peace.

  • Volunteers Week

    Evidently it is volunteers week - an opportunity to celebrate those who give of their time, ability and energy for a whole range of organisations and causes.  I have to confess until I saw a mention elsewhere, I was totally unaware of it.

    Now I know, it gives me the opporutnity to say THANK YOU to the countless volunteers who make Church possible.  In no particlular order...

    • Sunday School leaders
    • Creche workers
    • Flower arrangers
    • Tea makers
    • Welcome stewards
    • Hymnbook stewards
    • PA riggers
    • Service recorders
    • Chair putters out and in
    • Heating setters
    • Rota arrangers
    • Bible readers
    • Prayer leaders
    • Choir singers
    • Piano (and other instrument) players
    • Noticeboard fillers (and clearers)
    • Bookings takers
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer (acting or otherwise!)
    • Finance recorders
    • Banking facilitators
    • Gift Aid claimers
    • Trustee managers
    • Development project steerers
    • Funding raisers
    • Offering counters
    • Coffee buyers
    • Notice printers
    • Magazine editors and contributors
    • Event planners
    • Pastoral carers
    • Outing planners
    • Lift givers
    • Small group facilitators
    • Banner hangers
    • Ice cube freezers
    • Communion setters up
    • Candle buyers
    • Evening service leaders
    • Flower tub gardeners
    • Litter pickers
    • Steps sweepers
    • Hymn book repairers
    • Minute takers
    • Sandwich makers
    • And whoever else I have inevitably forgotten along the way

    If I missed you and you are reading this - I apologise.

    Whoever you are, and whatever you do THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

  • David Goodbourn - A Memorial

    David Goodbourn was known to many people I know, and I think I probably met him once or twice when he was at Luther King House in Manchester.  Certainly he and I knew a lot of the same people from the same churches/colleges even if we didn't know each other.

    On Saturday June 6th a memorial service for David will be held at Bloomsbury Baptist Church, London.  From Sunday 7th a little book of his last sermons and articles will become available (see photo above nicked from social media).

    David's final sermon was for Remembrance Sunday last year - and was delivered posthumously by one of my former college tutors.  It seems fitting that his last words are recorded and offered to a wider audience in memory of him.