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  • She flies through the air with the greatest of ease...

    Yesterday I had severe collywobbles at the thought of doing the zip slide...

    This morning, when I woke up, I had pre-exam nerves at the thought of it...

    And then came a real sense of peace, partly it has to be said from imagining all the women who've crossed the great divide into eternity standing at the far side of the Clyde cheering me on... a non-religious 'great cloud of witnesses' in pink tee-shirts.

    I recalled the abject fear of diagnosis, and of course anything I felt today was as nothing in comparison.

    And it was wonderful, not a single 'jelly leg' moment, no hesitation when the time came to go, just look up, look around and wheeeee! Although the camera didn't capture it, I waved to the crowds below, and thoroughly enjoyed the panoramic views along the Clyde.

    I was very touched that one friend came to watch me slide, and looked after my glasses (I feared they might tumble into the Clyde otherwise!), and who came with me for celebratory tea and cake afterwards.

    I can honestly say it was THE best fun I've had in a long time, and I would certainly consider doing it again now I know I can do it!

    Best of all, I have raised the better part of £600 in sponsorship to continue to support people affected by breast cancer... not a bad day's work!

  • Counting Down to Zip the Clyde!

    In just over 24 hours this will be me - eek!

    This week I have been very much reminded why I am doing this, as yet another courageous who is part of our GABBies group completed her stage 4 cancer journey and passed into eternal rest. In the same week, two primary ladies completed their active treatment and 'rang the bell' (a tradition that has emerged in the last year or two), and five of us met with healthcare professionals to discuss the new screening standards for Scotland.

    Research, campaigning, support - each has its place, and all need money to enable them to achieve their aims.

  • One Extreme...

    This month I am attending two conferences for Baptist ministers, which could not be more different if they tried!

    Today I am heading of to St Andrew's, in Fife, for the Scottish Baptist Ministers' Conference which will be very male and very white.  In a fortnight I will be heading to IMC, Birmingham for a gathering of women Baptist ministers to make the centenary of ordination being possibl;e (at least in England and Wales) which will include several minority ethnic women, though the main speakers are all white.

    Each will be very different from the other, and each will bring its own joys and challenges.  In one context I am still a pioneer, an anomaly, a curiosity; in the other I am just one among many, though recognised as one of the 'history book' names (which I still find incredibly wierd! If only they knew... imposter syndrome)

    I look forward to catching up with friends in each venue, and to meeting new people.

    May each be a time of encouragement and growth.