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  • Curing Insomnia!

    Recently I decided to give audio books a try - I had a long journey and as I get nauseous if I try to read in a car,  I downloaded the audio version of a book I was reading.  Apart from falling asleep and having to re-listen to some of it, I enjoyed it, and now it seems I'm hooked! I have been downloading free collections of short stories which seem to work petty well in sending me off to the Land of Nod night by night.

    Once the subscription kicks in properly, I'm going to look for a prayer or meditation type book that I can use on days when I am tired or travelling (or both).

    I might even try some theology as well a novels!! Open to recommendations!

  • Volunteers' Week

    Churches are possibly the oldest volunaray organisations.  Nowadays, most are registered as charities, usually with a staff of one.  Without volunteers, churches could not function at all.

    So today here is a quick shout out to those who...

    • Serve as Charity Trustees
    • Serve on committees
    • Lead/facilitate children's and youth work
    • Visit, phone, and generally keep an eye on, others
    • Organise rotas
    • Arrange flowers
    • Prepare Communion
    • Set up or clear up the worship space
    • Steward
    • Read the Bible
    • Lead intercessory prayer
    • Participate in Bible Study
    • Sing in the choir
    • Play musical instruments
    • Produce, print and fold service sheets
    • Edit the church magazine
    • Update the website
    • Count and bank the offering, week by week
    • Look after the finances
    • Look after the administration
    • Contribute to the church magazine
    • Do all the things I've missed, forgotten or don't know about

    That's quite some list - and for each person who gives their time, talent and commitment, I am very grateful


  • Surprisingly Special...

    It's the beginning of summer.  A lot of people were away from church today.  So many that our congregation was scattered with big gaps, and after the Sunday School, Bible Class and creche had left we really were very depleted.  We were also a Communion server down.  So, during the offering (immediately before Communion) I did a quick head count and made a decision...

    Instead of going out to serve the twenty or so folk scattered among sixty chairs (around a dozen folk had gone out), I decided to invite everyone to gather around the table in a "circle".  We passed bread in four directions, we passed wine in two.  We giggled when I had no 'holy words' at the end for 'you can now go back to your seats.'  And it was really special.  Unplanned - unplannable even - it was 'in and of the moment.' 

    The old hymn says, 'sometimes a light surprises the Christian when he (sic) sings'... it was a bit like that this morning, a surprise that brightened the day.