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  • Future-proofing?

    Ever since we organised my Mum's funeral, and I discovered just how easy it was with a pre-paid plan, so that all we had to do was fix a date and buy flowers, I've been meaning to do likewise.  So today I did.  Just in case anyone puts two and two together and makes a very large number, I am still a NED, and generally still fit and well - this is just me trying to ensure that one day, hopefully a long way off, things will be fairly straight forward for whoever has to organise my funeral.

    The woman at the Funeral Director's could not have been more helpful or more straight-forward (she seemed doubly pleased when I said I really doubted I'd move back south of the border, even though I would always be English). 

    So now it's all set up - you buy funeral plans online not in the FD's apparently.  And because it's Co-op, and because I paid £1 to become a member of the Co-op, I get a small discount.  And because there was a discount code thingy, I'll be sent £120 worth of co-op gift vouchers to spend on food!!

    When I first made a will (about thirty years ago!) it felt a bit like tempting providence.  This doesn't.  It actually just gives me peace of mind.  The decisions are made and no-one as to worry about 'what she'd have wanted'.

    It also means that I won't be worrying about keeping enough savings back to cover the costs... almost the opposite of the 'bigger barns' parable - which in turn means that I will be able to enjoy some treats from time to time rather than endlessly saving for a rainy day I won't see!

  • Visual Aids...

    This Sunday I am doing a 'guest preach' at a church in Fife.  I need to do a 'children's talk' (sic - need to educate them!) and have no idea how many or what age... so here are the bits I have gathered to take along with me.

    What's the difference between the fizzy water and all the other items? I know, it's not scientifically accurate, but CO2 will play a small part in the bringing to life of the other objects!!

    I wonder what the person covering for me will do for the 'all together' bit...? 

  • Sixteen words of fame...

    Yesterday I took delivery of a few copies of this booklet produced to mark a century of ordained and accredited Baptist women's ministry in these islands.

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I stand on the shoulders of giants.

    It's not false modesty to say that the longer I serve the less assured I become of my competence, and the more convinced I become of my calling. Twenty years ago, when I was preparing to begin training, I could never have imagined the journey I'd be taking, ten years ago I had no idea what crossing a border might really mean, but, as I say periodically, 'here I am, I can do no other'.

    #justaminister #justaminister100 #bwim100

  • Care Home Chaplaincy Day...

    The months fly by and here we are again at Care Home Chaplaincy day!  Just gathering the bit together that I need (though most live in my handbag most of the time).  It's always a bit weird, wondering who I will see, and how they will be today. Never sure I'm very (any) good at this, but it is valued, valuable and 100% privilege.

  • Spiritual Gifts... and the value of photos!

    This coming Sunday I am doing a 'guest preach' at a church in Fife, and it's Pentecost. Three years ago I did a guest preach on Pentecost in Watford, and felt that the sermon I used then, with a bit of editting and updating, would do just fine.  Then I discovered I no longer seem to have my very old, tatty and well-travelled visual aid (I created it at least 16 years ago, because I was a student at the time). An hour spent searching hgh and low was quite enough!!

    Fortunately for me, a friend had taken a photo of me with the scroll, and was able to retrieve and send it to me today. So now I can make a new scroll, with a few tweaks, for use on Sunday and hopefully, beyond.

    A word to the wise - rejigging a sermon for a new context takes almost as long as writing a new one, so never opt for it as an easy solution.