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  • Table Talk...

    The generosity of the congregation at The Gathering Place in Glasgow allowed me to purchase this beautiful table and chairs.  I will really enjoy inviting people to gather around my table for food and conversation in the weeks/months/years ahead.

    On the table are some of the mugs and coasters I was gifted (well, one was on my first day in Glasgow, fourteen years ago, the rest are new!)

    Thank you, Gatherers, and any time you happen to be in this direction, there will be space for you to sit and eat!!

  • Beginnings...

    This week has been very full on, and I am grateful for a slower day today (Friday) before my first college weekend of the year... it's a rather crazy time to start work, full of meeting new people and attending meetings, as well as starting to find my feet in two new jobs.

    This weekend I have my fist turn at leading college prayers since I did so as a student, something that students don't seem to do anywhere enar as much now, which I am sure relieves them of a lot of angst... though it has stirred it all up again for me!  Choosing music - and then changing it becuaae I lost confidence in my choice... some things don't change either with time or context, it seems.

    Anyway, I am sure it will be a fun weekend, with some good input and thoughtful conversations.


    (Photo is the roof-light in the college chapel)

  • My 'Other' Office

    I have now had two days at College, and it's been fun, if very tiring getting to know new people and new systems.  I have my own office, which is spacious and comfortable (and has a sign on the door so people know it's me!).

    The commute is proving interesting - lots to learn about ticket prices, train times and how to make the best use of the travelling time.  By choosing Northern Rail trains, which take the longer, slower, route, I can get an hour's useful work done, for £3-£4 each way.  Alternatively, I can take a much faster train for twice or even three times the price - and probably have to stand.  It's all a mystery!

    For the first time in nearly 25 years I will have regular colleagues to interact with - this feels both strange and positive. So far, it feels good!

  • Settling In

    I moved into this house on Wednesday 23rd August - and now, on 2nd September, I can finally see the floor in my bedroom.  It's not fully sorted out as yet, but it's certainly okay for the time being.

    In the photo, Sophie is modelling the newly designed cat-sized bed (well it's where the removal people put the two singles, and it seems to be the only workable option in this space) - Six feet wide, it is just about eight for one human and two cats!

    This is the last room that I have tackled, which means that the house is now almost there - at least for the time being.  My dining furniture will arrive on Friday, after which I will be ready to start welcoming visitors.

    It's been a very busy few days, but I am really glad to have emptied all the cardboard boxes (which have been passed n to a friend who has an upcoming house move herself) and have a functioning set of rooms.

    My last task will be to pray the house blessing that was given to me for my last manse, for this one...


    God bless the corners of this house,
    And be the lintel blest,
    And bless the hearth and bless the board,
    And bless each place of rest,
    And bless each door that opens wide
    To stranger as to kin,
    And bless each crystal window pane
    That lets the starlight in,
    And bless the rooftree overhead
    And every sturdy wall.
    The peace of man,
    the peace of God,
    The peace of love on all.

  • First Day of School?

    Today I officially begin my two new jobs/roles, and someone sent me a 'happy first day at school' message today, so I thought maybe I should add a suitable photo!!

    It has been a lot of admin so far - setting up new email accounts (one done, one in hand), adding oodles of appointments to my diary, and, strangely, shredding a whole file of paper that managed to escape the purge before I moved.

    Tomorrow is offically my day off - at least for this week - so maybe I can get out and about and do some exploring before the real work begins.