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  • A Trinity for Trinity

    Off very shortly to get things set up at church for today's morning service which combines marking Trinity Sunday with the Sunday School end of year celebration.  As a result we are (loosely) following a theme of 'creating, redeeming and sustaining' in a slightly crazy All Age interactive service.  We neatly side-step the fact that it is Father's Day because you really can't have a trinity of themes in single service without it all getting a bit too contrived (unless you focus on God as Father I guess).

    Then, as soon as we usher morning folk out of the door (or even before if last week is anything to go by), people will start to arrive for our afternoon Philosophy Cafe as part of the Glasgow West End Festival.  One of our folk, who happens to be a hermeneutics lecturer (I have a scary congregation in some ways!)  will be leading thoughts on 'What is a University For?'  Good question!

    Swiftly sweeping up the crumbs, we will then begin choir rehearsals for our evening Choral Midsummer Communion, another Festival Event which attracts quite a lot of visitors.  I am planning on attempting to sing alto again - it is a good challenge singing an 'underneath' part.  Sometimes it gets quite amusing as the most experienced alto sings the first note, the next one tunes to her and so on along the row!  I just sing quietly and hope no-one notices the bum notes!!  I am also 'presiding' at the communion bit, which I love doing in an evening when everything is a little slower and more reflective.

    So, a trio of events for Trinity... does that make it Trinity-cubed?

    I think I'll sleep well tonight!  Good job my hols start tomorrow!!

  • A Grown Up Comb!

    I know, small things amuse small minds.  This afternoon I bought a new grown-up comb to replace the baby-comb I've been using since my hair was adequately returned to justify combing.  I noticed this morning that my hair is just long enough to get mind-blown, so having a comb in my bag begins to be useful again.

    So I bought this one:

    kent-pocket.jpgThe Kent Pocket Comb!

    I'm sure it's really meant for men, but it was the best the local multiple chemist had on offer (I really did not want a candyfloss pink curl comb which was the only suitable women's comb they had).

    And when I treid it there was actually enough resistance from my hair to make it feel worthwhile.

    Oh happy day!  (And the angels have an easier job keeping count now too!)

  • Moving Forward...

    As there was no exercise class today due to the place catching fire the other day, I did an hour's Wii Fit yesterday and my "double housework" instead today.  Double housework meant sorting out my bedroom in order to transform it back from being a miniature hospital ward (how it's felt for the last nine months) to a proper bedroom and then going through the heaps in my living room to sort out all the books, DVDs, jigsaws and other things that people so kindly lent me for my post operative recovery time.

    So, there's a big heap of stuff in the hall waiting to be returned to its owners, along with two large bags of rubbish and several empty plastic containers for recycling.  The bathroom cupboard has ridiculous supplies of antiseptic and antibacterial wipes, painkillers, gut medicine, throat sweets, microporous tape in three widths, and enough burns dressings to supply a small specialist unit.

    Strangely I can see surfaces and floors once more!

    It will be lovely when I return from my hols to see the place looking like home again.

    (Now I just need to restock the skincare products... shares in E45 set to rise again!)

  • Courage...

    Yesterday I stumbled across the blog of a young woman (aged 27) who is sharing her journey with breast cancer with courage and humour.  "Annie" was diagnosed after me but her cancer is so aggressive it makes my story a mere stroll in the park.  She has just posted a poem that is stunning in its simplicity and truth:

    Courage by J. Ruth Gendler
    "Courage looks you straight in the eye.
    She is not impressed with power trippers.

    Courage is not afraid to weep,
    and she is not afraid to pray,
    even when she is not sure who she is praying to.

    When she walks she makes the journey from loneliness to solitude.

    The people who told me she was stern were not lying,
    they just forgot to mention

    she was kind."
    Annie I weep for you, with you, and I pray for you, even though I don't quite know what to pray...
  • Sorry, I can't do PE the hall is on fire...

    kelvin hall fire.jpgThe oddest and best excuse ever!  I have no exercisxe class tomorrow because there was a fire in the place where it takes place.  Kind of odd to come home to find a message from them on my phone to this effect.  Bit of a shame, I was looking forward to it having missed the last two for good reasons.  Ah well, I'll have to do double housework instead.

    Photo from BBC news website.