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  • Good Morning!

    The second of our lent Sundays with ten minutes talking and ten minutes silence was again well received by the majority of people.  What a fun and varied morning...


    Songs from Nigeria and Ukraine

    Art from around the world

    Magnetic fishing game

    John 4


    Ten minutes of silence

    N's yummy fruit loaf

    Familiar faces returning for a visit

    New faces

    Children playing ukeleles and the piano


    And it all worked, the serious and silly met and melded in  a way that seemed to make sense... happy day :-)


    Here are three of the images we used (shamelss nicked from the www)




  • Inspiration...

    Every now and then we come across something that really strikes home, lodges itself in our psyche, alters our outlook or prompts us to think or do differently.

    I came across this photo shared online today:

    wesley quote.jpg

    Way back in 1974 my then form teacher, a very scary man, one Mr T R Philp, wrote these words in my autograph book... in those days it was the fashion for those leaving primary school to collect autographs from as many teachers as they could.

    I can still visualise Mr Philp's tiny, immaculate hadnwriting, and see him copying the words from a card he kept in the top draw of his desk.  Maybe it was some kind of mantra for him?  I don't know, I never stopped to think about that.

    But it was one of those things that struck home, an aspiration to be adopted for my own life.  By no means am I successful - any more than John Wesley was - my feet are very claylike and I fail regularly to meet my own standards.  But wise words, and a good aim, I think.

    Other authogrpahs from friends and teachers were less profound or inspiring, but this one (which took me two nearly decades to work out because of how it was written on the page) is also sage advice:

    pas d'elle yeux Rhone que nous

    (read it aloud or you, too might take two decades to decipher it!)

  • Lent Listening

    Somehow a whole week went by before I spotted this (obviously not checking Twitter often enough - but then I don't really 'get' Twitter).  A little something to listen to in Lent which balances chuckles, chocolate and challenges...

    Lent Podcast Extra

  • Hope - Another Photo

    This year I seem to be so busy being busy that my Lenten intentions for blogging are falling by the wayside.

    This week's photo is from New Zealand, and from the War Memorial Musueum in Auckland.  The walls of two huge halls bear the names of those whose lives were lost in WWI and WWII, and on a further blank wall is this inscription:

    NZ 054.JPG

    NZ 055.JPG

    "Let these panels never be filled"

    A prayer?  A wish?  A statement of hope?  A declaration of intent?  Yes.

  • Friendship - a Blog Link

    This week's link is to one of the most prolific bloggers I know, and is one of this week's posts on the topic of 'friendship'. 

    Jim has been something of a long distance friend to me, and to my church, for a very long time.  He tells me we first met in Oxford in 2003 when I was a not-yet-settled ministerial student, though I have little recollection of that.  Certainly our paths have crossed and recrossed since then, he once lent me a book on Habbakuk, posted from Paisley to Dibley in good faith that it'd get home again (it did!), he guided the explorations with The Gathering Place back in 2009 and still maintinas some sort of interest in us and our shenanigans!!  Jim experiences life in all its fulness, all its rawness, and kenotically expends himself for others, even to the expense of his own needs. 

    So, Jim, in gratitude and with prayers for you and yours, I'm sharing this link.