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  • The Sound of Silence...

    024.JPGThe news is full of tragedy, in different places and on different scales; it is telling and it is good that in the parts of blogland I frequent no one is making value judgements as to which tragedy trumps which.  A number of wise people are simply noting, side by side, the tragedy of the events in Norway and the tragedy that a talented and troubled singer died at the age of 27.  Some add other ongoing tragedies - famine, war, natural disaster.  Others maybe note local and personal.

    Sometimes the temptation is add more and more names and places to our prayer lists, eventually finding them so long they cease to be meaningful.  Sometimes we feel a real 'burden' or 'calling' to pray for someone or somewhere.  Sometimes we can only sit, wordless and bewildered, listening to the sound of silence, straining to hear God's quiet whisper, trusting that the Holy Spirit is interceding on our behalf.

    Words fail me far too rarely, as the plethora of twaddle I post reflects, but today when I don't know what to pray into the global news, I sit in silence and trust God...

     (photo is 'descent of the Spirit' at Iona Abbey taken through archway of cloister)

  • Prototypes

    What does a minister do on Saturday evening?  Some, I am told, write their sermons (if I don't have a draft by Wednesday I'm anxious!).  Some collate topics for intercessory prayer (I tend to check the news Sunday morning and tweak what I've already prepared if needed).  Some go out!  Usually I do the ironing - but this time it was way too hot.  Tonight I did proptypes for tomorrow's craft activities... and here they are:


    Given our theme of stories Jesus told about plants, it seemed appropriate to use seeds and pulses (all from my store cupboard and all past their use by date!) to make photo frames and cards.  Hopefully there will be some children to make them...

    Eagle-eyed readers may recognise the photo of the Gatherers (taken about 3 years ago) which I printed off to put in my frame.

  • She Who Laughs, Lasts

    So, this afternoon I am in the local stationery shop looking for PVA glue which I need for tomorrow's craft activity.  There is also a family in there - Mum, son (about age 7) and daughter (about age 3).  The little girl started following me around the shop and chatting to me.  Eventually her brother came to find her.  As she wandered back to her mother she said, in a clear, loud voice, "I was helping man find glue."

    I know I still have very short hair, but I have clearly got a female form and was wearing a cream sports top with a pink and purple floral design on it, to say nothing of carrying a handbag.  I am still chortling to myself now.  Just better not tell my plastic surgeon, she'd be mortified!

  • Here I am - I can do no other...

    Every now and then someone asks why I 'decided' to be a minister... and I tell them I didn't.  Indeed I never 'wanted' to be a minister, I just know, beyond anything else I've ever known, that this is my calling.

    I know that in some ways I'm a hopeless heretic (but a happy one) and that I have times when spiritual is the last thing I am, let alone feel, but every now and then something reminds that 'here I am , I can do no other.'  Today is such a day.  A phone call.  An email.  A friend.  A stranger.  But in both, there is God saying 'for this I called you.'

    A few intriguing little hints going on just now about some possible future thinking for research and extra-church ministry - strange where following links on websites takes you...

    So, off to do what I have to be, or be what I have to do...

  • Star Jumps and Tea Cups...

    Last night I watched a BBC 3 biography-cum-documentary thing about a young man with terminal cancer.  It was tenderly done and, although I did find my working class origins outing themselves (he came from a privileged background which gave opportunities only money can buy), it served as a good illustration of someone living life in all its fulness.  He did seem to be a lovely, genuine and courageous person, and his family very loving and supportive.

    Today Annie has her follow-up appointment at Christies - a scary prospect (thought of course she doesn't say that) as she will be making important decisions that will potentially impact both the quantity and quality of her life.  So if you're having a cup of tea then spare a thought for her, and if you do praying please give her a mention.

    Another person I'm in contact with has her breast cancer surgery today and has asked me to pray for her... maybe you could too?  God knows her name and circumstances, and what she really needs is peace and reassurance.

    Late (by my standards) last night Annie posted this little picture:

    Life's instructions.jpg

    Strive to be happy - do star jumps?  Not with a cup of tea in my hand!  And actually, without being too indelicate, since my surgery, erm, no (one of my exercise videos has them, I tried and ...ouch).  But maybe a little bit of skipping or hopping or whirling round and round.

    Have a hope-filled day, have fun, do star jumps (or equivalent), live life to the full... and have fullness of life (John 10:10 for those do chapter and verse!)  In the words of the Chris Evans' breakfast show "happy Friday everyone."