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Milestones and Memories

Candlemas - the Presentation of Christ in the Temple

Today features in my personal calendar as one of the 'milestone' events.  Two years ago to the date, I went into hospital for my mastectomy and immediate reconstruction.  Last year I posted about  Candlemas and Other Associations .  The year before, up at some ludicrous hour, I posted this.

Having noted those two links, I wondered what else I had written about as previous 2nd February blogposts...

2010 - about a prayer breakfast with the local C of S

2009 - a lighthearted reflection on dressing up to walk through snow for a hospital visit

2008 - two posts, one arising from a Vision Day, led by someone who is no longer in pastoral ministry, for Dibley BC, and one about plans for a multi-sensory Easter experience

2007 - no post on 2nd Feb, one the day before, three the day after!  So I chose this one, which was about the idea of a pub-based midweek event, which Dibley ran for a couple of years

2006 - I was a far less prolific blogger in those days - nothing on the date or anywhere near.  In the end I picked this one from 31st Jan, because every now and again the same truth emerges - Catriona the Risk Assessor is who God called to be Catriona the Minister!


Interesting to look back and see what was occupying my thoughts and my activities.  Interesting to see what has changed and what has stayed the same.  Interesting to see how my blog has changed in style and content (to say nothing of frequency!) in that time.

As I look back, I do so with a sense of satisfaction.  Not smug satisfaction at how wonderful I have been or how much I've achieved, but healthy satisfaction.  Satisfaction that, for all my flaws and foibles, for all my foot-in-mouth moments, for all my anxieties and fears, I have exercised a worthwhile ministry, have exercised the ministry to which God called me, and for which God equipped me.  And that encouraged me to carry on doing just that - going forward in the footsteps of Jesus, tripping and stumbling, biting my tongue, wondering and even worrying, for the journey has many miles, and many more milestones, still to come.


Here I am Lord - employ me according to your good will.

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